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hi!!!! i'm yume!!!!

a list of awesome artists/inspirations/friends
:iconcsinorman: :iconoreog: :iconpixelsnaxs: :iconpicklejelloz: :iconnekosmeet: :iconridiculousrickolous: :icongrimmcheater: :iconsapphire-night123:
:iconsaoirseranekaera: :iconwhite-dragon-1684: :iconbouncyears: :iconalliegator99:
:iconrairuwo: :iconzerna: :iconcorrupted-mooch: :iconprojecthalfbreed:

these are people i consider to be amazing friends and artists here on dA >w< go check them out people owo

I am currently going through a lot right now, and they way things have started to look, i might be homeless.
But luckily for me i have made some amazing friends that are helping me out the best they can, on in which i am ever so grateful to have made such amazing friends as them.

 Honestly never in my life had i thought it would have come to this, but i might be absent once again for quite awhile. Which only means i might be without a computer for awhile, once and if i am able to get out of here without being on the streets which might/might not be the case. Its all still a little blurry for me.

Current situation:
Having trouble getting a job has led me to be on bad terms with my family, who thinks i don't do anything but art and minecraft and talk to my friends while i'm on my computer.
Truth being; i have had difficulties applying for jobs as, i don't have a car, my resume is lost so i am having trouble putting everything down in applications, and i don't have any way for jobs to actually contact me besides email. 
Where i am currently living i have very little choice in what food i can eat, and just recently the food i should have been able to eat was taken away because of a petty argument between my brother's girlfriend and me, over cleaning no less. So i am only able to eat or drink anything when their in bed or gone for the day.
We currently have no water either as the pipes are frozen. The benefits of living in an out dated trailer park yay!(note sarcasm here).
I have been yelled at for the littlest things, such as using the wrong sponge for cleaning.
I am going to be blamed for the possible loss of an unborn child because i am apparently the cause of my brother's girlfriend's stress.
I am terrified of my own brother, who is ex-military, a drunk, a truck driver, has ptsd, and has apparent friends in high places, and is also going into the police force(oh joy).
I have been doing all my laundry by hand, and as the pipes are frozen i can't even brush my teeth let alone, take a bath/shower, or wash my clothes.
My cat is almost out of food and water which sucks even more.
The one person i thought i could count on, my mom, has turned her back on me, as have my entire family.

Long story short, i am doing my best to get out of here, the best i can, and with my friend's help, hopefully that will be extremely soon.
So if i disappear for a long period of time, it is either because i have become homeless(which will most likely not be the case thanks to my friends) or i am on my way to a better place and being out on my own which means it will be awhile before i may have a computer again.

But hopefully when i do get one... i will have tons of art to share with you guys.

With a suggestion i have made a gofundme, any and all help would be greatly appreciated V~V This would be to help me and lucky get a new start in life Elsewhere…

I love every single one of you guys.

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Thank you for the fav, means the world to me hun!
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not a problem owo your art is amazing owo
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Thanks for the watch :hug:
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no it was a server restart ^-^
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